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Enjoy reading articles written by our team of veterinarians and leaders. Read about current and upcoming medical information in the veterinary world. Education and information will help keep you on top of your pets health care.

The Trouble with Grain-Free Diets: Current Recommendations

What diet should I feed my pet? This is one of the most common and difficult decisions facing current pet owners.  We all want the best for our furry family members – from their toys, to their bedding, to their food.  There are SO many options available today, and it can be pretty daunting to […]

What you should know about Lepto – More than just your Dog

We have all been astonished with the high number of positive Leptospirosis, or “Lepto”, cases that we have seen at West Ridge lately. What makes us even more saddened is that Lepto is preventable in dogs through a yearly vaccine. By vaccinating your dog, you are also keeping yourself protected too! Leptospirosis is a type […]

Lumps and Bumps

Lumps and Bumps…Should I be concerned? Have you ever found a lump or bump on your dog or cat?  Did you get concerned and wonder if you should bring him or her into your vet to have them evaluate it?  There are many causes for lumps and bumps on your pet; some common causes include fat, […]

A Note on Rabies

       A Note on Rabies                             Due to the recent tragedy of the 6-year-old boy in Florida dying of rabies virus after having contact with a rabies-infected bat, we at WRAH wanted to do a short blurb on rabies virus from […]

Holiday Pet Hazards

‘Tis the season!  For potential pooch and kitty toxins and dangers, that is.  WRAH is here with some stay-safe pointers to keep your fur-babies happy and healthy this winter. Plants – No doubt you’ll be seeing store displays full of Poinsettias, Holly, and other festive flora.  It’s ok to use these beautiful plants around your […]

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