West Ridge Animal Hospital has a special for the months of April and May that will 1. Protect your doggies from external Parasites and 2. Get you ready for this summer the right way! How you ask… ? If you purchase 6 doses of Simperica your name will be entered in the raffle once, Purchase 12 doses and your name will be entered 3 times! We would love to see you testing out the Kayak, so come in and have us snap a photo or 2 of you in the Kayak, then share with all of your friends and family! This promotion ends May 31st, so be sure to stop in soon!
Good Luck!!

What is Simparica?
To be specific, it is a new class of FDA approved medicine that is taken as a chewable once a month to kill all known species of ticks and fleas on dogs. It starts killing within hours and is 99.9% effective. It also has been shown to treat mange , ear mites and other parasites in studies in Europe. (You’d have to talk to your vet about these off-label uses).
By giving it once monthly along with your heartworm medicine you protect your pet from internal AND external parasites. And by the way, fleas suck
Get it – cuz they eat blood…, get it
This is a prescription medication and can only be dispensed by a vet with a valid vet-pet-client relationship. But hey, vets are great. Come start a relationship! 😁
Don’t forget to come in and enter to win a KAYAK!! With a purchase of Simparica!