To Dr. Bohlender’s clients,

I can only begin to imagine what a bittersweet time this is for all of you. Dr Bo has worked diligently to provide great care to your families for many years. 45 years in practice is a feat that is unheard of nowadays. He is truly the epitome of your home town vet, he’s like James Harriot. Some of you have been with him through generations of your family and so many pets. 45 years of practice is a lot of wagging puppy tails, surgeries and gentle passing’s. Dr Bo has been a friend, a confidant, a healer in our community. Greeley has been truly blessed to have a doctor like him. It is expected to be sad, concerned and wonder about the future care for your precious pets. Rebecca and I are honored that Dr Bo felt confident enough in our care to trust his practice family to us. Most clients are unaware of the vast network of corporate practices that have taken over veterinary hospitals in America. Dr Bo made a choice to keep his practice in the hands of individuals instead of a corporation, or big box store, centered out of state. There are fewer and fewer hospitals like us, even in Greeley. Dr Bo warmly welcomed me when I joined Dr Emmett at West Ridge in 1997. He has always been a colleague, a sounding board and a true veterinary professional. We wish him what we all want. A retirement filled with family, enjoyed pursuits and peace.

We humbly ask that you give our team at West Ridge Animal Hospital a chance to earn the trust that you placed in Dr Bohlender. West Ridge has been a part of Greeley since 1968. Dr James Emmett, our patriarch, purchased the hospital in 1971 and practiced until 2001. My wife, Dr Rebecca Hubert and I began working at West Ridge in 1997 and were fortunate to be chosen by Dr Emmett to purchase the practice in 2001. Our practice family grew and we outgrew our building on 28th St. In 2007 we were privileged to work with Dr Hemerson (formerly of All Pet in Evans) to purchase his new building and practice and move our team into the present building on 83rd avenue and 20th St. We are active in the community and partner with the Humane Society of Weld County, Weld Food Bank, A Woman’s Place Shelter, and the Guadalupe Shelter. We live here, our kids attend school here, and we are dedicated to providing care to our hometown. Having all your pet’s Belair medical records integrated into our system allows us to make twice yearly visits, vaccinations, and prescription refills uncomplicated. We look forward to meeting you and your pet in person very soon!

We know that this transition time is stressful for your pet owning family. We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to earn your confidence and make things go as smoothly as possible. Efforts have been ongoing to transfer records, reminders and prepare for you to be impressed with our family way of caring for you and your pets. One of the great changes for you are our office hours. We are open 7 days a week and offer urgent care, surgery and preventative medicine by the same group of doctors that you see every day. We do have quite a few doctors to choose from and we believe you will find one to fit you and your pets needs. You are always free to stick with that one doctor you find and bond with and we will try to accommodate your schedule and theirs. Be assured that if you need to come in for urgent care or hospitalization, all your pets past records will be available here at West Ridge. To welcome you to this service we are offering a special loyalty reward to Belair clients with a reduced fee on urgent care visits during the transition time. For prescription refills of long term medications the State Veterinary Practice Act requires that we examine your pet before filling the medication. We will be able to see your pets last bloodwork and visit notes in the transferred records. We are facilitating a brief “medication recheck” exam at a reduced price to allow you time to get set up and join us at West Ridge. This will not be the visit for vaccines and preventative care but more to update your long term medications with one of our doctors. We do strongly recommend twice yearly exams for our patients to address the rapid changes that can happen in animals. We plan for extra time on these visits to go over all your concerns. Staying up to date on these exams allow your pet to receive vaccines and lab work for medication without the need for a doctor visit each time. This saves you money and time. Speaking of bloodwork , we have a couple of other lab related gifts to offer to Belair clients. If you purchase 12 months’ worth of Sentinel heartworm and parasite medicine in hospital (we will explain the difference between our chosen brand and HeartGaurd) you will receive the required heartworm blood test at no charge. And, to demonstrate the medical benefit of knowledge, we will also offer each Belair client one complimentary blood panel(CBC/6Chem) per family of pets. You can apply this blood test at any office visit to West Ridge.

All West Ridge Animal Hospital clients are automatically enrolled in our loyalty program. For every $100 spent at our hospital, you earn one Care Coin. After saving up five Care Coins, you have the opportunity to redeem them for a $25 credit on your West Ridge Account. This is just a small way we say thank you to our clients for trusting us with their pet’s care. As a new family member, we’d like to give you your first five Care Coins (a $25 credit) just for scheduling and keeping your first appointment with us! At the time of your visit, you’ll also receive a welcome bag and additional contact information for the hospital if you have any questions or comments. We hope to welcome you to West Ridge Animal Hospital and earn your trust in caring for your pet. We truly look forward to meeting you and your furred, feathers and scaled family members.

Drs Colin Combs, Rebecca Hubert and our family of care givers.


8235 20th Street Greeley, CO 80634 | (970) 330-7283 | | fax (970) 313-4527

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