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Our Facility

Our dog suites are indoors and kept at a comfortable temperature at all times. We have large runs uniquely designed to be comfortable for all sizes of our furry friends. Boarders spend the majority of the day inside where they get fresh water regularly and comfortable cots to catch up on their rest. You may bring a bed of your own, toys, and other goodies to remind them of home if you’d like. They go outside a minimum of three times daily in our outdoor courtyard. We also offer playgroup field trips to Sirius Fun at West Ridge Doggy Daycare for our neutered and spayed furry friends. We thoroughly clean our indoor kennels daily while the boarders are outside playing.

Our spacious kitty condos are indoors as well and each offers a ledge to look out the window and a separate area for their litter boxes. The Animal Care Staff takes them out and allows them to stretch and roam in our indoor cat area. They get to play and enjoy watching our fish or the bird feeders out the windows for entertainment. During your pet’s boarding vacation we offer many room service extras including under water treadmill, many types of physical therapy, kong toys, nail trims, baths, walks, field trips, and veterinarian services.

As the popularity of exotic and small mammal pets’ increases, so does the need for them to have a great place to stay while the family’s away! At Purrs & Paws Lodge we are always ready and willing to care for your feathery, scaly, or fluffy friends. The Lodge can provide cages for most exotic animals, but you can also bring one from home if you’d like. Your pet will stay on the same feeding and bedtime schedule they do at home and we can accommodate any other daily needs as well! Dr. Combs has a special interest and skill with birds and exotics and is available to examine and treat your pet or provide nail/beak/wing trims if needed. Exotic boarding rates are $18/day for most exotics/birds/small mammals

The West Ridge team is here to care for your companions as if they were our very own.
Our indoor kennel facility

Isabelle, our hospital cat

Feeding and Medications
At West Ridge we recommend you bring the food that your pet usually eats. This is due to the fact that being in a new environment can cause stress. Adding a sudden change in diet can cause discomfort, resulting in upset stomach and abnormal stool. If you are unable to bring your own food, West Ridge provides Hill’s Science Diet maintenance dry and wet food. Boarders are fed at 8:00am and again at 4:00pm or at the request of the client. We administer medications according to the owner for a small fee based on the number of times per day. The Animal Care Staff is highly trained in administering medications properly and accurately using a very strict routine and documentation protocol for both. The West Ridge Animal Care staff is also trained in insulin injections for diabetic patients. During their stay your special pet friends are watched carefully by our Animal Care Staff. Our doctors and technicians are always available if there are any medical concerns.
Requirements and Concerns
Boarders are required to be current on certain vaccinations due to the increased exposure that occurs when staying with other animals in the kennel. For dogs, this includes Rabies, Bordetella, Influenza and Distemper/Parvo Combination. For cats, this includes Rabies and Distemper Combination. If your feline goes outdoors we also require the Leukemia vaccine. Animals must also be current on their annual fecal exam and heartworm tests, as well as be on an accepted form of internal parasite and heartworm preventative. During the months of May through September we also require a veterinarian prescribed flea and tick preventative. We require these to prevent illness, and infestations spreading throughout our facility and to protect our precious boarders.


Kennel cough is a common concern, however we rarely have cases of this illness because we thoroughly clean and ventilate our kennels. Because we are a hospital, all necessary precautions will be taken to ensure your pets’ safety and quality of care. When arriving to check-in a boarder, there is a consent form that we ask to be signed in case of an emergency. Our hospital is always prepared to treat any sort of illness or emergency that should occur while your pet is boarding. The West Ridge staff is here to care for the animals as if they were our very own pets.

The Medical Boarding Package
Looks Comfy!
At West Ridge Animal Hospital our boarders are cared for and treated like our very own pets. Many of our medical boarders are older and a little more fragile; however anyone can be a medical boarder if your pet is on several medications and needs to be examined frequently. All animals need that extra attention and care to ensure their special condition is well treated during their stay.


Our medical boarding package includes all the love and attention West Ridge Animal Care Staff has always provided with a little extra. Medical boarding includes a complimentary examination from one of our five doctors (from daily to once every three days as required by medical condition), the largest size kennel available, discounted medication administration (with medications that are provided by owners), discounted baths, nail trims, walks and field trips and complimentary kong toys daily. And like with any guest, lots of love!

New Clients

Because the mission at West Ridge Animal Hospital is to ensure animal health, we require a full physical exam on new guests and those who haven’t seen one of our doctors in the past year. If your pet needs to be vaccinated during their stay, they need to have had an exam with one of our doctors in the past six months. This is to maintain the health of your pet and others. We will address any health concerns with you at that time. Any new guest that needs a New Patient Exam will be treated with a complimentary first day of boarding!


The Purrs & Paws Lodge Boarding Menu

*Please note: all canine boarders must be up to date on their canine influenza vaccine


  • Themed run (average 5 feet by 4 feet) $28.00/day
    Additional dog in same kennel: $12.00/day
    Half day: usually $12.00
  • Double/middle run, one dog $43.00/day,
    one of two dogs, $21.50 each/day
    Third dog $9.75
  • Cat $22.00/day
    Half day usually $9.00
  • Exotic animal boarding (Rabbits, Reptiles, Birds) $21.00/day (for most exotics, birds, small mammals)

* All medical boarders receive 20% off of baths, nail trims, walks, field trips and

medication administration (including subcutaneous fluids)

  • Dog $59.00/day per dog in largest available kennel


    Complimentary Exam with veterinarian every 3 days
  • Cat $33.00/day per cat in full kitty condo


    Complimentary Exam with veterinarian every 3 days
  • Medical dispensing charge for non-medical boarders
    Once a day $2.50 Per Medication (SID)
    Twice a day $3.85 Per Medication (BID)
    Three times a day $5.25 Per Medication (TID)
    Insulin $7.65 (per injection)
    Subcutaneous Fluids $28.00 (per administration)
  • Bath Small Dog (up to 20 lbs) $27.00
  • Bath Medium dogs (20 to 50 lbs) $36.00
  • Bath Large Dogs (over 50 lbs) $47.00
  • Kong toys $4.50 each
  • Dog massage 1 hour: $60.00   1/2 hour: $40.00
  • Nail trim $23.90
  • Playgroup Field Trips to Sirius Fun at West Ridge
    Doggy Daycare

    $19.75 per trip (leave around 8 AM and come back around 4 PM)

    Canine companions participating in Sirius Fun Filed Trips need to be current on their, leptospirosis vaccines, and 6 month fecal exam.
    Neutered/Spayed Dogs Only, Please
  • Under Water Treadmill Physical Therapy $63.50
    3 Sessions for $100.00
    5 Sessions for $165.00
  • 15 minute stroll in the park $10.40
    (Walks and Field Trips available Monday-Friday only, weather permitting.)


Important Boarding Policies

Flea and Tick Prevention Boarding Policy (effective May 2009)

To prevent infestation of our canine guests we will now be requiring monthly flea and tick preventative during the summer months. This requirement will begin on May 20th and each guest will need to be on it until September 20th. Due to the fact that over-the-counter flea products have not been proven to be effective the only products we will accept are Advantix, Revolution, or Frontline. If your pet is not on any doctor-prescribed flea and tick preventative, we will apply a monthly dose of Frontline at a reduced cost. If you wish to purchase more Frontline, we will be happy to fill a prescription and it will be available to you at the time of boarding pick up.

A Note Regarding the Parasite Control Boarding Policy

Due to the danger posed by parasites to your companion animal’s health and the potential impact parasites have on the health of your family and others, West Ridge Animal Hospital has adopted a new set of parasite control protocols for boarding animals as created by the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC). These protocols are enacted to protect your companion, your family, and the greater community. By following parasite control measures you not only help your companion live a long healthy life, you help prevent the spread of potentially deadly diseases.

If you are interested in more information regarding parasites, companion animals, and you; we encourage you to visit the CAPC Pets and Parasites website.

Parasite Control Boarding Policy (effective January 2008):

In accordance with CAPC guidelines, and to prevent the spread of parasites to other animals, we are now requiring all boarding dogs to be current on their annual fecal exam. This requirement is for the safety of your pet and for the safety of other boarders. If your pet is current on their fecal exam at another clinic we would be happy to call that clinic to acquire those results.

If your animal is not current on the above, we will collect a fecal sample while they are here for their boarding visit. The results will be reported to you at the time of pick up.

We now also require every boarder to be on some form of internal parasite preventative and request some form of heartworm preventative. Some examples of this preventative include Interceptor and Heartgard. It is very important to give your animal this preventative since some parasites and worms can be transmitted to humans. This is especially critical if you have young children at home.

We will also require that your companion is current on their heartworm test. The heartworm test is precautionary to ensure that your animal does not have heartworm disease. We require this test since the heartworm preventative is not 100% guaranteed. In addition, your animal may not have received each monthly pill at exactly the same time, reducing the effectiveness of the preventative. If your pet has not received an internal parasite and heartworm preventative within the last month, we will prescribe their first month’s dosage and administer it while they are here. There will be a one-time medication administration charge. If your pet is current on their heartworm test at another clinic and you receive a heartworm preventative from them, we will be happy to call that clinic.