At West Ridge Animal Hospital, we stock a wide range of medications available for use in treating our patients in the hospital and for dispensing. This includes both injectable and oral medications for treating specific illnesses, as well as medications to help keep your pets healthy and pain-free._Photography-West_Ridge_Animal_Hospital_CO_(199_of_555)

We routinely stock all sizes of deworming and heartworm medications, as well as flea and tick preventives. We also carry multiple anti-inflammatory/pain medications, antibiotics, and special diets and treats. You are always welcome to pursue our many over-the-counter products, including veterinary recommended dental chews, rinses, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoos, toys, treats, and our full line of specialty products for birds.

Clients may call our prescription line at any time and leave a message regarding patient refill medications; our staff will normally have in-stock refills authorized and ready the same day, or by the following day. We can accommodate special-order medications, insulin/diabetic patient needs, and prescription diet orders, as well. We are available for prescription pick-ups seven days a week during our normal business hours, including Sundays.

_Photography-West_Ridge_Animal_Hospital_CO_(449_of_555)Most importantly, at West Ridge Animal Hospital we dedicate ourselves to establishing a relationship with you and your pet. We will be there to provide you with the guidance and information you need throughout your pet’s lifetime. All prescription medications are reviewed and dispensed by our veterinarians and technicians; our goal is to avoid any potentially serious drug reactions or side effects that may result from medications your pet is taking. We want to do all we can to keep your furry and feathered family members happy and healthy.